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Working with Affirmations

by Shilan

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Motivate Yourself =)

Motivate Yourself =)

Have you ever tried to work with affirmations? You pick a phrase or sentence which motivates you. Affirmations help bringing something to your mind that you’d like to remember and take with you through your day.

It can be virtually anything and it’s a good idea to include yourself in the affirmation in the form of I, my, me etc.

“I am successful”, “I love my life”, “Money comes flying my way”, “I find it easy to remember things”, “I am full of health”,  “I totally rock!!!”…the possibilities are endless.

You can pick an affirmation for different intervals, day, week, month or whatever works best for you.  Working with one affirmation at a time gives you a better focus. Make sure you encounter the phrase you picked a few times each day. A sticky note on your mirror, a reminder on your phone or computer, a note in your pocket or on the back of your hand – be creative where and how you make yourself read your affirmation.

Take a moment, read the words and feel what they mean to you. Amplify that feeling to the maximum! Turn up the volume of it! Feel like you already achieved what you aspire in that affirmation – because if you can feel it, you can have it!

Check out our weekly affirmations to be inspired! =)

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