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Tools to Keep You Going: The Happy Box

by Shilan

in Motivation, Techniques

Motivation and Inspiration when You Need It =)

Motivation and Inspiration when You Need It =)

Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep the spirit. Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep yourself going. Luckily there are many things which you can use to motivate yourself. The one thing which we’re introducing here is The Happy Box.

This is a box which you keep in an easily accessible place. It can be any type of box that you like, but try to pick something special rather than a battered old shoe box.

This box is your tool for moments in which you feel you need instant motivation: something to lift your mood and put you back on track.

Here are some suggestions for things which you can keep inside it:

  • Pictures of your goal/s (if your goal is possible to turn into a picture. Be creative!)
  • Music! This is a quick way to change your mood. Keep a CD with your favorite upbeat tunes in here. Or alternatively a note stating: Play song XY now!
  • Objects which you love and which make you feel good. This can be anything, it’s up to you. For example
    - something with a scent that you love: a soap, a fragrant oil, a perfume…
    - a special stone or crystal
    - a piece of jewelery
    - a dried flower
    - even a small toy or teddy bear…
    …really whatever works for you.
  • Objects and pictures which evoke happy memories, connections and feelings. Important here is that the positive memories are supposed to be helpful now – they’re not meant to make you dive into melancholy about the happy days gone by! ;-) So choose those wisely.
  • Notes to yourself which bring you back on track. Like “I choose to be happy”, “My life is the reality that I create”, “It is my choice to do XYZ and I’m keeping at it!” etc.
  • Pictures or postcards of things which make your feel good.
  • Quotes that keep you going
  • Advice for yourself -  like a note saying: “Go outside now, it always works!” or “Meditate and calm down.”

Virtually anything that fits into the box and will make you feel good and change your mindset back to positive. Anything that can remind you of what you want in life.
Also do a regular clean up of these things in order to keep them up to date and effective for your current demands and goals.

As with most things in life: be a collector, not a hoarder and keep the items in your box to a clear and manageable number.
It’s an awesome tool to use. =)

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