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The Power of Words

by Shilan

in Techniques

Words Have Power - Might as well Use It.

Words Have Power - Might as well Use It.

Words have power – and an energy too. When working on your self and your life, become aware of the words which you are using. How often do you use negative phrases like “I hate…”, “I don’t want…”, “F*** this!” etc.? The words and expressions which you are using are a great mirror for the way in which your mind is currently working (especially when you’re on “autopilot”).

If there’s a lot of irritation, negation and discontent in your vocabulary and reactions, this only reflects your thoughts and feelings. You can transform those attitudes by consciously transforming the words which you are using.

Try these two sentences, repeat them a few times in order to feel the difference:
“I won’t get sick.”  vs.  “I’m perfectly healthy.”

Which one feels better?
The first one already implies sickness. The second one doesn’t even give attention to what we don’t want but focuses on what we want instead. Even though we can argue that they mean the same thing, there’s a completely different vibe to the words. Plus there’s no room for hypochondria when dwelling on health instead of fearing diseases.

Btw., this also works when you’ve already caught something:
“I’m sick.”  vs.  “I’m on my way back to health”

Become aware of the way in which your language mirrors your mindset.
Focus on the good things: Go for “I want…” instead of “I don’t want…”, “I love…” instead of “I hate…”.
Pick your words consciously and see what happens.

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