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The Past Is Only an Echo

by Shilan

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Echoes of the Past Can't Last

Echoes of the Past Can't Last

What is gone is gone. What has happened, has happened. There is no way to change what was before (time-machines and parallel dimensions aside ;-) ).

The past is an echo. And merely and echo – nothing more and nothing less. It is an echo of the things you have experienced, your friends, family, history, upbringing etc. as well as the decisions you made on various crossroads of your life.

You think the past is what made you who you are? It influenced you for sure, but:
You are. Past or not.
You are now.

Your past may have given you experiences, skills, insights and identities, but it is not who you are. It left imprints on your being. However, if you had made different decisions, had different circumstances, you’d still be you with a different background, a different you. But still, a you. The essence would be the same.

You are not your past. You are. Now.

This is a beautiful thought to think, for too often we give our past the power over our present. We blame habits, traumatic experiences, upbringing and other echoes for all the things we are “unable” to do now. This is a heavy load to carry. An unnecessary load as well, for we don’t have to be controlled by our echoes.

Where is the way out? In my opinion the key is awareness. Awareness of the here and now. Be here and now and nowhere else. Feel the air in your lungs and the ground beneath your feet. Be aware of the things and events surrounding you. Be aware of your never-ending now. It doesn’t matter where you came from, free yourself from that load and consider each day and moment of your life a new blank sheet of paper. You have the power and the ability to let go and make all of your choices based on the moment which you are currently experiencing. Let echoes be echoes.

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