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A Spring Cleanse for Your Home

by Shilan

in Clearing Out

Get a Fresh Start into Spring =)

Get a Fresh Start into Spring =)

Oh yes, spring is on the way over here in Germany. =) We’ve had a few warmer days – and as the sun is shining through our windows, I’m all inspired for a clean-up and clear-out session. Time to get rid of the old things to make room for a fresh start into spring. I always feel that spring is a good time to let go of some things in order to create room and energy for a real head-start into the year.

This is roughly what’s on the agenda so far:


  • Clearing out, yeah! – Going through shelves, boxes and drawers to clear out things which I don’t need / want anymore. It’s been a while since the last clear-out session and I have the feeling that I’ll find many things that could go
  • An overall session of dusting, cleaning etc.(out with winter’s lazy remains ;-) ) not to forget window cleaning in order to let in more springtime light!
  • Fresh scents for a fresh atmosphere at home
  • Clearing out (winter-)clothing to make room in the wardrobe.
  • Rethinking and redesigning decorative items
  • etc ;-) some things and ideas usually come up along the way

The good thing about cleaning up and clearing out is the feeling of being more calm, clear and focused; in my opinion it’s a great way of working from the outside to the inside as your home usually mirrors your state of mind and feeling. You can alter that by altering your surroundings. This is a perfect moment for getting started.

Feel free to be inspired if you’re in for a fresh start into spring =)

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