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How Your Point of View Influences Your Life

by Shilan

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Deliberately Look for the Good Things - and Watch Them Increase =)

Deliberately Look for the Good Things - and Watch Them Increase =)

Yes, there are times when life is far more challenging and it’s more difficult to keep going with a positive mindset. Sometimes these challenges arise in the form of “difficulties” of various kinds or strokes of fate. Sometimes they are just a general negative vibe that you find yourself faced with.

In situations like these, your best bet is to stay aware, so that you don’t slip (back) into negative patterns of thinking. That is easily said, I know. But let’s try this anyway. ;-)

My indicator for how my thinking is going is the way I feel. Do I feel good, generally happy about life? Fine, then I’m where I want to be in my mindset. But when the overall feeling is neither positive nor happy then I know that a downward spiral has been activated. Sometimes we notice immediately that something is wrong. Sometimes we go from days to weeks without even questioning our mindset, holding on to feelings and thoughts that are neither positive nor helpful in any way.

The problem here is, the more negativity you have in your thinking, the more negative will your life and everything inside it appear. Your job, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your body, your hairdo, your abilities, your future plans etc. – all aspects of your existence are actively sabotaged by negative thinking.

If you aspire to be happy about your life and yourself, there is not a single reason for dwelling on thoughts that make you feel bad. Not one, that’s it.

You can direct your thoughts if you choose to do so. Look for good things, situations and vibes in your life, little things are easily found. Small things in your every day when they make you feel good they’re the right things. Turn this into your second nature. The more good things you look for, the more good things you will see. It’s so much more a matter of what you choose to see than where in your life you are.

Stop blaming the circumstances now. It’s not getting you anywhere. Being a victim of everything and everyone may be very convenient as there is always somebody else to blame, which takes the responsibility for your well being out of your own hands. But does that make you happy? Did it ever? Take your life into your own hands. Allow yourself to grow, discover the awesomeness around you, all the good things you have and are, all the good things in your life and in this world.

Instead for giving energy to all the things you don’t like and don’t want, invest your energy in the things you do want. Your mindset creates the quality of your life on earth. Use that for yourself. Train your eyes to see the positive in order to think positively. What you think is who you become. Choose wisely. Create. =)

Here’s a quote that captures the essence of this beautifully:

“To the cheerful person, every weed is a flower. To the cheerless person, every flower is a weed.” (from Finland)

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