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Play Your Strengths, Grow Your Dreams!

by Shilan

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Grow Your Dreams =)

Grow Your Dreams =)

What are you good at? Which are your talents and favorite skills?
We grow up in a world in which we are generally confronted with the image of work=bad and weekend=good. In my opinion this is one of the saddest mindsets you can possibly end up with. Instead of only going after jobs which you “have to do for the money” find room for the things you’d really love to do and at which you are really good.

However, if you’re just generally negative about life, you’ll probably have a hard time seeing the positive sides and talents you have. If this is where you are, your mindset is the best place to start a journey that can change your whole view on life. Dare to disagree with your inner critic ;-). You rock!

It’s possible to make a living with the craziest ideas and projects. You have something which you are great at – something which you absolutely love doing? The things you need to get there are simple to name. The challenge is, as usual, the “carrying out”-part of the plan:

1.) Believe in yourself and your goals. Be 110% convinced that you want this. Don’t let occasional moods and killjoys get to you. This is YOUR play to direct!

2.) Keep at it! No matter what: if you want it, go after it. Make room for it, grow it, build it. Make it part of your every day schedule, take small steps each day and see where they take you. Never let go.

3.) And last but not least: get rid off the things which distract you from that. Bring clarity into your life on every level – material level to activity level. Let your life center around your dream and make it a reality!

It’s your moment. Every moment.
Go create! =)

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