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Halloween and the Daily Dress-Up

by Shilan

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Halloween Costumes vs. Every Day Costumes

Halloween Costumes vs. Every Day Costumes

Today some of us dress up for Halloween: bring out a different identity, be something else, leave behind the ordinary, come out and play. That’s awesome plus the best effect of a good costume is fun.=)

Clothes can alter the mood and mindset of the wearer to a great extent, not only on special occasions. Ever felt over- or under-dressed? Ever had an awkward feeling all day because you were wearing something that was “not you”? There’s a lot more to clothes than just covering and warming our bodies.

Clothing is something that we can use for our “costume” in every day life as well. We can dress up, dress down, dress for success or dress up less. Either way, we do it in a way which underlines our identity.
We are visual beings. The first message we send to the world lies in our appearance, all without saying a word – and that message echoes back to us all day, not only in front of the mirror.

Dress up for Halloween today. Tomorrow, deliberately dress as the best you. Pick the outfit that enhances the mindset you want in order to live your dream.
Until then, happy Halloween!

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