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Green Energy – a Breathing Exercise

by Shilan

in Meditation

Take a Walk to Recharge Your Batteries =)

Take a Walk to Recharge Your Batteries =)

A great way for me to get new energy is a walk in the forest. I love being there: the songs of the birds, the scent of earth and leaves, the fresh air – it always gives me fresh energy. There are so many little things along the way, beautiful mosses, entwined roots, tall trees, small trees, animals, the silence around me and the sound of my feet on the path.

When I’m on my way back, my thoughts are much more clear and calm. The little obstacles in life appear less important and I’m centered. It works every time. The magic of green energy ;-)

Here’s a breathing exercise that I can recommend for forest walks (or any other walk as well where the air is fresh and clean). I find it very effective in its simplicity. It’s like a walking meditation.

  • Breathe in as you’re taking four steps, then breathe out for the duration of four steps as well.
  • Keep this up for a while, then do the same for the duration of five steps, six, seven steps etc. until you have reached your personal maximum.
  • This maximum can of course vary, depending on your pace, fitness, on the day you had so far and if you’re going up- or downhill. I usually end up somewhere around ten.
  • Feel free to adjust the rate to your needs as you walk, this is supposed to feel good.
  • Keep this going for as long as you wish.

An important addition: don’t force the air in and out of your lungs, instead breathe slowly and attentively. Inhale the quiet atmosphere of the green around you, take one step at a time and recharge your batteries.

Try it =)

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1 Jack C. January 18, 2012 at 7:09 pm

Hi there! Firstly, I must say that you have a great blog, especially this post is very interesting for me since I just got into breathing exercises. I will give it a try later. :) Keep up the good work!


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