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Getting What You Want by Feeling that You Already Have It

by Shilan

in Motivation, Techniques

Want - Have. Imagination is Everything!

Want - Have. Imagination is Everything!

Let’s play. This is a great strategy that’ll make you feel good about your life and yourself already – without your mind dwelling on possible future events that you think you need for being happy. Plus you get into the right mindset and vibe, which helps you to reach your goals in real life.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, have or be: imagine that you already have it now.
Go into the mindset you’d have: what would be different? In which way would you be different? What would you do? How would you walk, act, speak and feel? How would you structure your life and how would you react to the challenges along your way?

You want to be successful and focused in what you’re doing? I suggest you feel like a successful and focused person from this moment on. That’s how it works. You become what you think and feel that you are.

You want to be a happy and healthy person? Feel that now. Be that now.
It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, there are no limits to our imagination, except the ones in which we choose to believe. Imagine that you already have what you want. That you already are what you want to be. That’s where your power lies in creating the life (and the “you”) that you want.

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