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Every Day Is a Gift

by Shilan

in Motivation, Some Thoughts


Every day is a gift.
Behind this phrase lies the realization that life becomes rich once we start appreciating everything that it presents us with. So often we take it all for granted and are unhappy because we think that we don’t have all the things we want and need. With that mindset it is so easy to oversee the beauty which lies within our mere existence itself.
We are alive.
We are breathing.
Our heart is beating.
That is a gift.

A new morning. Every day of our life we are given a new chance and a fresh start as we rise from our night’s rest. Every day offers endless possibilities and we are given the liberty to decide which routes we take on this journey we call life.
That is a gift as well.
That’s the base of it. All the other things are extras.
Take good care of this day. It provides you with the backdrop for everything you could be. The choice is yours.
This is your day. Every day.

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