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Creating Happiness

by Shilan

in Motivation, Techniques

Don't Worry - Be Happy ;-)

Don't Worry - Be Happy ;-)

People want to be happy. Many pursue goals and nourish future hopes thinking that once they reach that future or aim, they could be happy at last. Yes, surely reaching something that you have been working for creates good feelings, it’s fun, but it is not the key to a joyful life.

This is a very positive and also comforting thought as it tells us that our happiness does not depend on the events we will encounter in a distant future. It’s right here. Right now.

You don’t need to wait for that theme park visit or that money or that thin body you want or that goal you’re working on in order to be happy. The key is in your head and your heart. You are that key. Your mindset is that key. You were given the ability to create that feeling of joy. You can start feeling joyful about yourself and your life right now.

Once again it’s a conscious choice that you can make every day and every moment of your life. Does it make you feel any better to worry, fear and complain? No? Then do yourself a favor and stop that now.

Choose to see all the things, little and large, that you are happy about and amplify them to the maximum. Feel, see, taste, smell what makes you happy, include your senses, explore the experience – or bring it to life in your mind’s eye. Allow that good feeling to flood your whole body and soul here and now. Activate the upward spiral by choosing to see the things that create joy in your life. Happiness is always in the now, it is the only time at which you are and feel.

Here are just a few little things that can spark off joy, but the possibilities are endless. Explore! =)
You may say that these are just normal every day things, the trick is to be aware while doing all those things and amplifying the good feelings which they can create.

  • Listening to your favorite music, any song that makes you feel good
  • Looking at all you have and feeling gratitude for it (instead of focusing on what you think you lack)
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Fresh sheets on your bed
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Enjoying your food by eating it with awareness. Focus on look, scent taste and texture
  • Enjoying your drink by drinking with awareness
  • Opening the window and consciously breathing in fresh air – the element which gives you life in every moment
  • Feeling the ground under your bare feet as you are walking on sand or grass
  • Enjoying the view upwards: looking at the stars and the moon, feeling how endless our universe is
  • Warm blankets on a cold day
  • The refreshing feeling of water on your skin as when you are under the shower
  • Your partner / family, all the things you love about those persons
  • Your friends, all the things you love about those persons
  • Your pet(s)
  • Feeling rays of sunlight on your skin
  • The scent of a freshly peeled orange
  • Massages, they bring you back into your body and give positive energy to you. – also when given by yourself
  • Any moment out in nature, seeing the wonders of our beautiful planet, whether it’s a plant, an animal, a stone, an entire ocean or all the living things of our ecosystem
  • Being focused on what you are working on and reaching a good work-flow
  • Feeling all the life in your body
  • The sight of a beautiful painting
  • Dancing, even if it’s just a few moves to the chorus of a song on the radio :-)
  • …etc.

…add whatever you like. Life is made up of these moments

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