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Clearing out: Love It or Leave It

by Shilan

in Clearing Out

Even when Shopping, Think: "Love It or Leave It" - That'll Save You from Loads of Junk ;-)

Even when Shopping, Think: "Love It or Leave It" - That'll Save You from Loads of Junk ;-)

Take a closer look at the things which you have in your life. Most of us own a lot of things which we don’t really need. But apart from needing or not needing the things we own, there is one factor which is at least as important:

Do you love this thing?
This idea of “love it or leave it” has become my catchphrase when I’m clearing out, especially when I’m not sure about something.

There are things which don’t really serve an obvious purpose (apart from decoration perhaps) but which mean something to you on different level. You love it? Awesome! =) Then there’s things which you keep for the sake of keeping them. “Perhaps I’ll need this some day” or “It’s still in good condition” are common excuses to keep heaps of crap.

I remember laughing out loud when I read The Alchemaster’s Apprentice: A Novel by Walter Moers – there it was suggested that there is only one reason for us to keep thing which we don’t really use: we take vengeance. We paid money for the things and they’re not really useful so we dungeon them in the bottom drawer. (…Or the basement….or the attic)

If you don’t love it, do yourself a favor and let go. Unused and unloved things take up space, energy and time. Plus there’s plenty of places and organizations where people are happy to take, use or sell the things which you don’t need. If you’re worried about the money you paid for those things: that money was gone the moment you bought it. And money always finds a way back to you. It’s like a form of energy. It stays in this world, don’t worry.

It’s great when the things which you have are a mirror of yourself the way you are now. Not a mirror of what you used to be, love or do. You are now.
So love it or leave it. Happy clearing out!

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1 Feylamia November 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Also: The things you leave may be the things other people love… :-)


2 Shilan November 8, 2011 at 4:37 pm

Very much agree =) – Which is one more reason to pass on the things you don’t use


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