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Clearing out: Come, Clarity!

by Shilan

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Feeling unfocused? Blurry? Strained? Low on energy? Not sure about where you’re going? Nope, I won’t try to sell you an insanely expensive and absolutely useless wonder drug. Just four words for you, even free of charge:
Clear out your life.

All the things we own, collect and sometimes even hoard take up space in our life. Not only on the obvious physical level but also on the mental level. Everything you own, as well as every project that you start is connected to you in some way.

It is said that the place you inhabit is an extension of your self. It mirrors how you feel inside. If you’re feeling unbalanced and chaotic, it’s very likely that your home is reflecting this back to you as well. If you have things and things piled up on every shelf and in every corner you’re perhaps weighed down by other burdens as well.

Time to let go. The good news is: clearing out works from the outside to the inside. By cleaning up your home and getting rid of excess baggage, you’re working on your mental or emotional level as well. Often the things we keep for the sake of keeping them, don’t fulfill a purpose. Instead they stand for something that we are unwilling to let go.

Yes, it’s a challenge to get started. Accept the challange. Start anywhere, somewhere small like the top drawer of your desk, your window sill or your car. Or go for the basement if you’re brave. ;-) You’ll feel how much more energy it gives you to free yourself from all the junk in your life.
Clear home – clearer mind. Less baggage – more focus on what is important; not only on the material level.
Come, clarity!  =)

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