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Chaos or Clarity? Moving Phases and the Magic of the Mindset

by Shilan

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Chaos or Clarity? It's up to You =)

Chaos or Clarity? It's up to You =)

Wow, chaos appears to be the ruling planet of this November. Excuse the silence here on the blog. We’re moving soon and things became far more jumbled than I had hoped. In the middle of all of this I realized again how much my surroundings affect my mood – and how my mood affects my surroundings. Chaos brings more chaos. Clarity brings more clarity.

It’s a challenge to pack most of your belongings into boxes and still keep the place all neat and tidy (and also homey) – especially when you know that you’ll be moving out anyways. So there’s a pile of books we need to pack and a pile of kitchen things and one, two, three, four boxes in this corner, and more in the other – and let’s just drop that here for a moment and pick up this instead…Then, before you notice it, your mind mirrors that mess, presenting you with seemingly chaotic thinking about everything that still needs to be done. Loose ends everywhere. Chaos.

But: in situations like these where a lot needs to be organized it is (more than ever) important to keep a clear mindset. No matter what the challenge is, clarity is the greatest tool, don’t throw it overboard. The great thing is that clarity works from the outside to the inside as well. When you find it hard to bring clarity into your thoughts, this is your best bet: As you begin to bring clarity into your surroundings., you bring clarity into your mind. Whether you’re literally moving house or if you’re just in a “moving” phase of your life, chaos is likely to arise. Trade that for clarity. Even if the whole picture is too big to clear it out, start somewhere.

I for example decided to make my desk my little island of clarity. The place which I will keep clear until I actually do move out – as my desk is my most important piece of furniture; my favorite place. Having that place clear keeps my mind clear. And with that mindset I can easily move on – and move out with clarity instead of chaos. ;-)
And voilà, here’s a new post, thanks to a clear desk.

Breathe in, breathe out. This is you, in the middle of your own life. Move on by taking one step at a time.

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